DIY Makeup Brush Holders

This DIY makeup brush holder idea is inspired by ones I’ve seen at Sephora. [I die and go to heaven every time I step foot in there.]


Change the look of your bathroom and display all your makeup tools with these adorable holders. It is so easy-peasy and all you need is your own creativity.

You literally can choose any theme or color.


I purchased the rectangle glass vases at Michael’s {on sale} for $3. I adorned a couple with a few accessories.

Swarovski crystals for some sparkle
loveleighbeauty-DIY makeup brush-glitter ribbon
To change it up,  I decided to do one vase in glitter ribbon, wrapped in brown tulle.
loveleighbeauty-DIY-accessorie makeup brush holder
Adorning the rustic bronze piece with Swarovksi crystals using E6000 glue.
All of these supplies found at Michael’s
loveleighbeauty-DIY makeupbrush holder
These are the poly-fil beads. They work, but are not as pretty as the glass beads Sephora uses.

**Super important when choosing the filling for inside the vases, make sure it is made of material that will not scratch your makeup brushes.**

I did some research and found poly-fil {which is used to fill dolls} and tested them to be the safest in making sure your brushes are not ruined…BUT THEN I discovered the actual glass beads Sephora uses [pictured below and found Save-on-Crafts].

loveleighbeauty-DIY-makeup brushholder-2

loveleighbeauty-DIY-makeup brush holder
See the difference? The glass beads are so pretty.

Wait…we’re not done organizing…

If you’re feeling extra crafty try this easy idea:

loveleighbeauty-DIY lip pencil holder

Use Modge Podge on the inside of the jar (a thick, even layer), pour your color choice of glitter, let dry. And violá[!], a jazzy new lip pencil [or whatever your little heart desires] holder.


Container Store acrylic makeup organizer, new DIY makeup brush holder, and of course, my Clearcube.

Phew! It feels so good to be organized.

I mean think about it, we spend all this money on products just to throw them in a cold, lonely, and dark drawer. Display them beautifully and proudly for all to enjoy.

Happy organizing Loveleigh’s!




16 thoughts on “DIY Makeup Brush Holders

  1. This is a great idea–even for people who don’t have a ton of makeup products to store! I was thinking the canisters could also be tailored to be used in an office or kitchen. I once saw a clear canister filled with coffee beans and that’s what an office kept their pens in. I thought it was both cute–and smelled great!

  2. I love these! Cute gift ideas too! Doll, you never cease to amaze me with your talent! Hands down my favorite website!

  3. Love it! I’m dangerous with modge podge, I love the stuff! Your collection is beautiful! I’m eyeing all of those Jo Malone fragrances!

    1. Yes, I love modge podge too. I made these awesome wine glasses for a friends bridal shower and they were beautiful!
      I’m a little obsessed with Jo Malone! I love the idea of mixing and creating your own unique scent. Of course, my fav is vintage gardenia and it was limited. So sad! xo

  4. Thanks for posting the link for the vase beads….I wasn’t able to get these at my local Michaels. Just wanted to ask…how many pounds of the beads did you buy to fill your three vases? I only have two (the same vases you have actually) to fill but didn’t want to buy less or more than I needed.

    1. Hi!! I actually ordered 10lbs but split them with my Mom. I have the 3 vases and she just has two. One bag goes VERY quickly, you’d be surprised. I like my vases fuller; which allows my brushes to stand up higher.
      Hope that helps! You’re going to love them.

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