Month: February 2013

UNITE Hair Products: Volumizing System

I may not be from Texas, but my mantra has always been: “The bigger the hair, the closer to God.” Amen, right? As I’ve mentioned before, my hair is very fine. Anyone that has managed my tresses always says the same thing: “You have a ton of hair, it’s just fine.” Now I’m not talking fine as

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Valentine’s Day Makeup Choices

Hope all you Loveleigh’s are having a wonderful day filled with love! Whether you’re basking in romance, fainting over your flowers, over indulging in rich, dark chocolate or attending an anti-valentine themed event, I have your makeup choices covered. If you’re the latter then remember this: A fierce red lip can cure any case of the blues.

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Urban Decay’s NAKED Collection

Urban Decay’s original NAKED + NAKED2 had a baby= NAKED Basic Unless you’ve been living in solitary confinement, you’ve heard [or at least own one] of Urban Decay’s best selling NAKED eyeshadow palette’s. If you don’t, then you’re totally missing out. Seriously they are amaze. In the last two years, Urban Decay has taken the

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