UNITE Hair Products: Volumizing System

I may not be from Texas, but my mantra has always been:

“The bigger the hair, the closer to God.” Amen, right?

As I’ve mentioned before, my hair is very fine. Anyone that has managed my tresses always says the same thing: “You have a ton of hair, it’s just fine.”

Now I’m not talking fine as in “Girl, you’re so fine!”, rather, fine, as in the politically correct term for flat, limp, sticks-to-the-side-of-your-head, type of fine. (I just hope they’re not lying to make me feel better. [[Sighhh]] )

To combat this travesty, I tried UNITE’s Volumizing Shampoo and 7Seconds Conditioning spray a few years ago. These two products quickly became part of my holy grail of essentials.

I was instantly hooked and wanted/needed/had to know more about UNITE.

So here’s the deets…

Founded by creative director Andrew Dale, UNITE is a premium, boutique, fashion-based brand, found in select salons only. His philosophy of creating quality products to make life easier for his clientele, paired with his experience of working alongside major fashion designers, is the reason UNITE stays true to beautiful hair.

{Side note>>>}When Presleigh was diagnosed with Celiac [read more on that here], I realized UNITE’s products are all gluten free-which I love and appreciate now more than ever!

To say I was thrilled to try out UNITE’s entire Volumizing System is an understatement[!!].


Let me preface by saying: It doesn’t disappoint.

Get excited loveleigh’s:

VOLUMIZING SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER: Excellent if you are in constant search of a shamps/conds combo that will give you fuller, more volumized hair.

UNITE volumizing system, loveleigh beauty


+it will not weigh your hair down

+leaves your hair soft, with flexible volume and lift

+enhances your hairs natural shine

I have found in my quest for more volume, that most volumizing systems can be too drying-even for my oily mop. Nobody wants volume with brittle ends, right?

Well, UNITE’S volumizing shampoo volumizes without sacrificing your hair’s natural moisture.


+ Hydroxypropyl Methocellulose: thickens hair and enhances volume
+ Moringa Seed Extract : color locking antioxidant
+ Botanisil: Moisturizes, locks in color, thermal protector

7SECONDS Condition-Leave in Detangler:

Unite 7 seconds conditioning, loveleighbeauty

Is by far, THE BEST. Ever.

Magic in a bottle.


Thank me later.

7seconds,UNITE, loveleighbeauty

It literally works wonders! Especially on Presleigh’s beautiful, head full of fine, tangled mess. Only 4 pumps and 7 seconds later, we are tangle and tear-free. It has become a staple in her beauty regimen, naturally. 😉

Because of my oily skin, some products tend to cause my scalp to become excessivley oily, as well. 7SECONDS absolutely does notmake my hair oily; only giving me soft, extra healthy, shiny hair.

This is UNITE’s #1 selling product[!!]

UNITE, 7seconds, loveleighbeauty

Other Benefits of 7SECONDS include:

+Seals the cuticle and protects hair all day long

+Thermal protector

+UV protector

+For all hair types

BOOSTA Spray: Now Boosta is the business! It has an amazing fresh, tropical, coconutty smell. So obvi it’s going to leave a loveleigh lingering scent.

UNITE, BOOSTA, loveleighbeauty

You can apply BOOSTA to wet or dry hair and spray from roots to end. (I’ve only tried it wet)

I hold BOOSTA about 6-8 inches away from my scalp and spray directly on my roots and throughout my damp hair. I blow dry as usual. A

It is so lightweight-as if there is no product in your hair! It’s amaze, to say the least.

UNITE, BOOSTA, loveleighbeauty
All day my hair has added bounce and volume. Even my second day hair has more volume than it usually does.

SESSION Whip Foam: So not your typical mousse. Volumizing foam.

You can scuplt, lift, or create full locks-truly weightless.

Session Whip-UNITE-loveleighbeauty

Session whip-UNITE-loveleighbeauty

session whip, UNITE, loveleigh beauty
The consistency reminds me of whipped cream! It doesn’t dissipate in your hand either.

Use a golf-ball size amount and distribute evenly through hair. Style as usual and voila(!): big, sexy, amazingly volumized hair.

GO365 Hairspray: 3 Hairsprays in one. Turn nozzle to desired strength and you get the hold (soft, medium or strong) you want!

UNITE loveleighbeauty-GO365

This has to be the coolest hairspray I have ever used! What a fabulous idea to simply turn the nozzle to choose the type of hold you need. It works well and has a fresh smell too.

UNITE Expanda Dust: insta-volume! One puff on the roots adds extraordinary lift, texture and hold.

Not to be confused with a dry shampoo. Totally different.

UNITE expans-loveleighbeauty

This is an ultra fine powder made of:

+Kaolin-adds texture and hold

+Potato Starch-thickens and adds volume

+Tapioca Starch-thickens and adds volume

+Corn Starch-adds body and hold

+Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice-adds moisture and soothes hair and scalp

UNITE Expanda Dust does neither–it gives instant volume that really lasts. Say buh-bye to Queen of Flat Hair!

Now don’t go ape shizz with this product either. I can’t stress this enough! Remember less is more and distribute evenly and sparingly.

The 7SECONDS Dry shampoo : breathes new life into your hair so you can save time in your day.

7seconds dry-loveleighbeauty-UNITE

7seconds dry-loveleighbeauty-UNITE

Clean hair without washing? Yes, please!

+Sulfate & paraben free

+remove excess oils

+increase volume

+refreshes hair without having to re-shampoo in shower

Finally[!!], a volumizing system that really works.

But don’t fret you loveleigh beauties that do not suffer from flat hair-itis, UNITE has two more systems: Moisturizing and Smoothing.

With their sleek and clean packaging, featuring 32 professional haircare products, you will def find something that works for your hair type.

Everything your heart and hair need! From cleanse, condition, style, finish and treatments.

UNITE can be hard to find because they strongly believe in protecting the integrity of their products and want to remain a premium brand. Go to uniteeurotherapy.com and use their salon locator to find the retail location closest to you or place your order online.

100% vegan, gluten free, without DEA, MEA, parabens, or sulfates and not tested on animals.

There’s a reason why celebs, beauty editors, and hairstylists alike, obsess over UNITE and you will too.

What UNITE products are you using? Share with me!




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Valentine’s Day Makeup Choices

Hope all you Loveleigh’s are having a wonderful day filled with love!

Whether you’re basking in romance, fainting over your flowers, over indulging in rich, dark chocolate or attending an anti-valentine themed event, I have your makeup choices covered.

If you’re the latter then remember this:

A fierce red lip can cure any case of the blues.

lady danger, russion red, ruby woo
My FAV reds: Ruby Woo, Lady Danger, Russian Red

loveleigh beauty, valentine's day look, driven by love

Here are a few quick picks for your makeup today or whenever you feel like looking fierce.

loveleigh beauty, valentine's day makeup

EYES: Keep your eyes simple; Blacktrack gel liner for that sexy cat eye.

CHEEKS: The Perfect Cheek blush. [The name says it all]

LIPS:  Kiss Me Quick stay-proof lipliner +  Lady Danger lipstick

Loveleigh beauty, driven by love, perfect cheek
Driven by Love lipglass, Lady Danger lipstick and the Perfect Cheek Blush


Don’t forget to add a cute hair accessory!

I LOVE: A beautiful red flower or a glittery gold hair tie (<<remember these)

I will leave you all with these inspiring words:

“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get-only with what you are expecting to give-which is everything.” –Katharine Hepburn




Urban Decay’s NAKED Collection

Urban Decay’s original NAKED + NAKED2 had a baby=


loveleigh beauty-naked basic

Unless you’ve been living in solitary confinement, you’ve heard [or at least own one] of Urban Decay’s best selling NAKED eyeshadow palette’s.

If you don’t, then you’re totally missing out.

Seriously they are amaze.

loveleigh beauty-naked collection
The NAKED collection: NAKED, NAKED 2, NAKED Basics & NAKED polishes

In the last two years, Urban Decay has taken the cosmetic world by storm demanding full attention to their most coveted palette’s.

To capitalize on their original NAKED success and popularity, Urban Decay released NAKED Basic; to satisfy those of us that desire sultry, matte-finish shadows.

loveleighbeauty-naked basic-3
Venus / Foxy / Walk of Shame / Naked 2 / Faint / Crave

+Venus:  satin, creamy white with sheen

+Foxy:  matte, peachy beige

+Walk of Shame:  matte, pinky beige

+Naked 2:  matte, soft taupe, with a subtle brownish grey undertone

+Faint:  matte, warm medium dark-brown

+Crave:  matte, black-brown

Created to be a matte companion to NAKED, it is truly a must-have addition to your beauty arsenal. If you’re a fan of basic neutrals, like minimal without a bunch of frills, then this palette is absolutely for you.

You’re not getting jipped either-each shadow is full-sized. The textures are wonderfully silky, smooth, and densely pigmented for true color payoff. The packaging is sleek and lightweight, making it easy to carry in your purse or travel.


The original NAKED palette set the stakes pretty high as it was [and still is] my fav palette.

Palette colors include:

+Virgin: shimmery, nudish-beige. {It is very light}

+Sin: frost, champagne color with a pinkish undertone

+Naked: matte, medium beige-y brown.

+Sidecar: shimmery, cocoa bronze brown with a golden sparkle

+Buck: matte, darker beige-y brown. {very similar to naked}

+Half Baked: metallic, neutral gold {one of my favs!}

+Smog: medium dark bronze with a gilded bronze sheen

+Dark Horse: chocolate brown with beautiful bronze shimmer

+Toasted: shimmery, dark pinky-brown

+Hustle: soft shimmer, dark chocolate brown with a plum undertone

+Creep: dark blue-black with light silver shimmer

+Gunmetal: metallic, gunmetal grey with silver glitter {the best color ever!}

The palette also comes with their amazing duo 24/7 eye-pencil in Zero [creamy, blackest black] and Whiskey [creamy, rich brown].


When NAKED 2 launched last year, it totally lived up to my expectations and I immediately became obsessed. I find myself always going back and forth between the two.


NAKED 2 features five new shades, as well as six popular shades form Urban Decay’s core line of eyeshadows. Only one shadow is found in both palette’s.

NAKED 2 loveleigh beauty

+Foxy: matte, cream color

+Half-Baked: metallic, neutral gold [found in Naked1]

+Bootycall: satin, champagne color (very similar to Virgin from Naked 1, but peachier)

+Chopper: metallic, rose gold with silver micro glitters

+Tease: matte, taupe with purple undertones

+Snakebite:  satin, deep bronze

+Suspect: satin, light taupe

+Pistol:  satin, warm steel grey

+Verve:  metallic, slightly pinky-grey

+YDK:  metallic, toasty taupe with coppery micro glitters

+Busted:  satin, plummy dark brown

+Blackout:  matte, black


Naked 2 has more shimmery and frosty shades. Perfect for smokey-eye looks.

loveleighbeauty-naked polish 1

Naked Polishes

loveleighbeauty-naked polish 2
Urban Decay made matching polishes to the original NAKED palette. Literally, each polish is exactly like the coordinating eyeshadow.

I will post different makeup looks I have created using all of these palettes. They are perfect for everyday, in the office, or a night on the town.

Which one is your fav?

Love, LL