Face Cleansing 101+ Clarisonic Mia

“It’s time to think beyond the washcloth and elevate cleansing to a sonic level.”

The Clarisonic Mia (can be found at Nordstrom) is the perfect compact skin cleansing system. It’s the convenient travel-friendly sized version of the original Clarisonic.  It will change your life.

Mia set contains:

– Clarisonic Mia One Speed Brush

– International pLink™ charger for worldwide use

– Sensitive Brush Head

– 1.0 oz Gentle Hydro Cleanser

Clarisonic Mia-loveleigh beauty

Embarrassing as it is, at 30 years old, I suffer from occasional breakouts. Truth be told, I have tried everything under the sun to prevent this travesty. I blame it partly on hormones (<<–pretty sure they need to simmer) and majority on my freakishly sensitive skin. Blah! Needless to say, I’m a little cray about keeping my peachy clean complexion.

This magic little machine not only has cleared my skin, but has actually made it softer and improved the texture when I added it to my current skincare regimen.

After 3 months of consistent Clarisonic use.
After 3 months of consistent Clarisonic use. I have a tinted moisturizer on with a light, mineralized powder dusted on top. Oh, and blush of course. 😉 No foundation and no filter.

The Clarisonic Mia Benefits:

+Suitable for all skin types

+Removes makeup 6x better than traditional methods

+Cleanses so thoroughly that skincare products absorb better

+Helps reduce blemishes, oily areas, and dry skin

+Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

+Lessens appearance of visible pores

+Promotes collagen

+Creates noticeably healthier looking skin

What else you need to know about the Clarisonic Mia:

It should be added to your daily skincare regimen to promote smoother feeling and looking skin. It will not strip your skin and is recommended by leading dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and Loveleigh Beauty’s very own skincare expert, Janee.

Be sure to pay close attention to your skins needs though. I use Tazorac (a retinoid) and sometimes I will refain from using my Clarinsonic Mia everyday if my skin feels extra sensitive. Sometimes I may skip a day, it depends.

DO NOT over exfoliate. Ever. Find your skins balance.

There are different bristle heads to choose from. I use the the sensitive skin bristles and I make sure to change them out every 3 months. It’s imperative you change them to avoid germs. Let’s face it, germs are everywhere and the last place we need them is on our face. Ew.

Another essential product to add to your skincare regimen is a quality manual scrub. [[I’m not talking about your drugstore St. Ives Apricot one either. That scrub will actually scratch the surface of your skin and cause more harm than good.]]


I’m obsessed with Torrey Pines Dermatology Fortified Exfoliation Scrub. It delivers a soothing wave of cleansing heat[<<literally, like a heat wave] as it gently removes dead, dry skin cells, excess oil, and residue to reveal healthier, younger looking skin. This deep pore exfoliation scrub also contains minerals that trap impurities to be washed away while releasing moisturizing conditioners to soften and smooth the skin. It’s ah-mazing! No joke.

I like to use the manual scrub before a special event so my makeup glides on like butter.   Try it!

Love, LL


MUA Secrets: Long, lush lashes + My fav mascaras

When picking a mascara, you should consider the look you want to achieve THEN choose the formula: lengthening, thickening, separating/non-clumping or waterproof/smudge-proof. I have yet to find a mascara formula that encompasses all of these. So trust, when I say if one claims to do it all, it doesn’t.

Sooo with that said:

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Mascaras-A trick makeup artists use to make lashes pop is to apply one coat of lengthening mascara first (think Lancôme Définicils found here), followed by one coat of thickening mascara (L’Oreal Voluminous).

Never. Ever. Pump the wand{!!}-This pushes air inside your mascara tube which will cause your product to dry out faster.

Mascara will get old- if your mascara smells funky, throw it in the trash immediately, if not sooner. Try to replace every 3- 6 months.

Waterproof, only when you really need it-I personally don’t care for waterproof; as I prefer smudge-proof/stay-proof formulas. Plus, it can be very harsh on those delicate lashes if used daily. [However, there have been times where I have used my favorite mascara of the moment and then applied a layer of waterproof on top to seal it.]

Makeup Forever Aqua Smoky Lash is a great waterproof formula mascara found here.

Add an extra layer to your outer corner lashes-After you’ve coated your lashes with mascara, add just one more layer to the outer corners. The extra coat will make your lashes look especially long and make your eyes appear farther apart.

Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes = equally-Many MUA’s may disagree with me and argue not putting mascara  on the bottom lashes is more for a natural look, but I feel, why stop at the top? That’s so unfinished looking and you can still look natural. Plus, I prefer that doll-like look [Who doesn’t?]

Bend the Wand- That’s right, open up your go-to mascara and pull the wand out slightly, apply a little pressure while pulling down simultaneously to form an angle. Voila! You’ll instantly have a wand that can now get in to those hard to reach areas of your eyes, without making a total mess! Check it out below…

Zig-zag Method-When applying your mascara, use a Zig-zagging method (like wiggle back and forth, sharply but gently) with the wand. This will help lessen clumping.

Use an Eyelash Curler-Curling lashes gives eyes the appearance of being wider and brighter. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler is hands down, the best one ever made. InStyle Best in Beauty award winner as well. [I’ll be honest and say I don’t ever use a curler, but I ALWAYs recommend this one to clients and friends with unruly lashes]

My latest mascara obsession’s:

M.A.C’s new Extended Play

Photo courtesy of maccosmetics.com

This formula leaves my lashes feeling lightweight, soft, and it does.not.smudge. Like, all day my lashes look the same as they did in the morning.

I love the smaller, skinny wand because it allows me to get to all my hard-to-reach lashes–>you know, those pesky corner ones? It’s more of a precise look of lashes rather than the look of thick and voluminous lashes. The brush reminds me of an old fav– Lancôme Définicils.

With just one coat I can get MAJOR separation between lashes too. As in every-single-lash was coated in rich black color + I felt as if my lashes were extending to the heavens! Well, not really, but we can all dream, right?

To remove, gently rub with warm water, for about 20 seconds, then wipe away.


L’Oreal Double Extend

L’oreal Double Extend Mascara is a two-sided mascara that has a white base coat and mascara on the opposite end. The white side actually nourishes your lashes. [I swear mine have grown longer!] It has been my go-to mascara for the last couple years. It’s under $8 so you really can’t go wrong.

Simply apply a healthy dose of the base coat to lashes and follow up with the mascara for super fat, long, and thick lashes! Don’t let the white part dry too much or it makes putting the black on top a bit difficult.

The best part, absolutely no smudging or flaking. It truly wears well all day.

It can only be removed with water. But don’t freak out when you see these creepy, little black things lingering in your sink after removing.

L’oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Volume Building Mascara

I really do love this mascara and I have friends that are obsessed with it too. It’s definitely a great lengthening and thickening combo. The carbon black is the blackest black you can find. If you’re looking for thick, soft, glossy lashes, then this formula is for you.

But, it does smudge on me by mid-day. [I do have more oily skin, so keep that in mind.] To prevent that, I will apply a light coat of a waterproof formula to seal it for the day.

Best Eye Makeup Remover

Grapeseed Oil

I have extremely sensitive skin; therefore, my eyes are too. I treat my little ojos with serious TLC. You should too. The skin around your eyes is so fragile and who really wants crepey lids and crows feet?

I also recommend taking all your eye makeup off with grape-seed oil. It can be found at your local Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, or natural health food grocer.

I have been using grape-seed oil to remove even the toughest waterproof/stay-proof makeup for years. It is an excellent conditioner for your lashes and less abrasive way of removing eye makeup.

Don’t be embarrassed you keep cooking oil in your bathroom.

Please, please,  share with me your favorite mascara. I want to hear!

Oh, and one more thing speaking of lashes…

photo courtesy of car lashes

Um, I die over these car lashes! I saw them the other day and I almost crashed my own car while giggling in astonishment. Cutest, most cheesiest, but totally amazing things ever!  I so wish my husband would let me put these on my car.

{Maybe he won’t notice ;)}

Love, LL


Turning 30! And feeling fabulous {!!}

I just turned 30. {AHHHH!!} 

As I leave behind my 20s, I will happily embrace the next decade {and pay homage to the decade I was born into as an 80’s icon—hello Madonna!}.

My red lips: Russian Red found here. Truly a universal red that looks fab on all skin tones. It’s a blueish-red that is matte + super intense

Maybe some people are scared of 30 because it feels like the end of youth. I refuse to see it that way.

I definitely think its a distinct marker between being young and getting older, but thankfully there are beauty remedies that can fix this! (<–I will be sure to find ‘em, and share with all of you loveleigh’s.)

My 30’s will be a time for taking care of myself and being healthy.  Feeling beautiful from within and allowing that to portray outwardly. Annnnndd of course, finding the latest and greatest beauty products that will ease the way.

It will also be about enjoying the time I have and savoring every single moment with my loved ones.

It’s about feeling loveleigh.  It’s about everything that has brought me to this very moment.

I am blessed.

A few things that made my day extra loveleigh :

Happy Birthday to me! A gift from Sephora. Let me tell you these little sugars make the lips extra luscious. They are made with real sugar + have an SPF of 15 and are free of parabens, sulfates, & synthetic dyes.
Butter London Nails is another amazing nail line sans: formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP.
For my first mani/pedi in my 30’s, I wore the color ‘lovely jubbibly’. Fitting I’d say (!!) and a much appreciated gift from my loveleigh Aunt/Fairy Godmother. Find it here.
My new love muffin, Pandora.

Love, LL


Beautyblender–achieve flawless skin

Any of you that know me well, know that I have NEVER used a sponge to apply makeup in the last 10 years. My disgust for a sponge went as far as me actually buying a brand new compact and disposing the nasty thing in the nearest trash can.

I’m a faithful believer in a good quality, natural bristle, foundation brush. But no matter your expertise in makeup application, a foundation brush can cause streaks. To make them disappear, you have to put some serious muscle into buffing them out with powder and a brush.

Well, say good-bye to makeup streaks and lines with the renowned Beautyblender! It is the ultimate makeup sponge applicator that was created to leave you with a flawless complexion and feeling like your makeup was professionally done.

Loveleigh’s, prepare to change your life!

First of all, the Beautyblender is latex free and hypoallergenic-so even the most sensitive skin types (like myself) will benefit from it. The hot pink color is my fav! It’s suede-like texture and it’s curvy shape allows foundation, and even powder, to glide on easily. It fits nicely within the contours of face and those hard-to-reach areas.

We all die for dewy skin (well, at least I do) and the Beautyblender creates an airbrushed look that will help you blend your foundation effortlessly.

How to Use:

+ Dampen the Beautyblender with a little bit of water-it expand to about twice its original size, so don’t be scared. It also allows you to use less product.

+ Apply with a “bouncing-like” technique (or what we makeup artists call stippling) to create a flawless finish. DO NOT use a rubbing or dragging method to apply your foundation or product of choice.

+Beautyblender is guaranteed only with proper cleansing using the blender cleanser…

However, my favorite cleanser is CinemaSecerets–a vanilla scented (my fav smell) , fast drying cleanser that will disinfect and even condition your make-up brushes and new Beautyblender. It kills viruses and eliminates even the most difficult makeup products. It is environmentally safe and non-carcinogenic (love that!)

Winner of Allure’s Best of Beauty: Tools award.  Seen in magazines such as: People, Elle, InStyle, Seventeen and many more, this little pink sponge has become a beauty sensation!

Rea Ann Silva is the creator of the fabulous Beautyblender. Being a full time mother of two, celebrity makeup artist, and entrepreneur, Rea Ann can understand the many demands that women face today when it comes to quick and easy beauty solutions.

So, that leaves no excuse to not look and feel fabulous with these tools created just for us!

Find your very own Beautyblender at Sephora and puh-lease let me know what you think.

Love, LL


Emi-Jay Hair Ties <3

Are you so over the not-so-cute elastic hair rubber bands? You know the ones that rip our hair out and hardly hold it in place? Well, allow me to introduce a chic new hair tie by Emi-Jay. Emi-Jay are functional, handmade hair bands created by two teens with a dream of being in fashion. A hair revolution, Emi-Jay can be seen all over magazines and in the hair of celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, and Oprah, to name a few. The best part is, the two young teens donate a portion of each purchase to Locks of Love.

My loveleigh Mother was the first to introduced me to Emi-Jay. She picked out a set for me and my daughter that matched our taste and style. Not only are they the cutest darn things ever, they serve as a stylish bracelet when not in your hair.


I have very fine hair (not thin, there’s a difference), so no matter what, I get that annoying dent from regular pony tail holders. These little cuties are made with soft and stretchy material that will leave your hair absolutely dent-less.



It’s amazing that they actually HOLD for a workout, yet work for high-glamour situations equally well.

These ties come in a refreshingly wide array of colors. I die over the leopard!

You can find your very own Emi-Jay here. Retails for $6.50 for a pack of 3 or $12.99 for 5.

+What Emi-Jay color pack will you choose? Let me know what you think.

Love, LL


Dry Skin Brush by Elemis

Skin. It’s the largest organ in the body. It is responsible for ¼ of the body’s detoxification each day. When the blood is full of toxic materials, your skin will surely reflect negatively with problems. Pretty important, don’t you agree?

Well let me fill you in on a little secret to help eliminate toxins and keep your skin looking fresh(!)…dry skin brushing. The practice of dry skin brushing may be old news to some; obviously you have held on to a classic piece of beauty advice. With all the overwhelming products to choose from and the hype in today’s “quick-fix” market, I feel it is important to re-introduce this basic beauty process. Dry brushing not only is a great way to maintain healthy skin, but also helps you to maintain a healthy body.

The Benefits Of Dry Skin Brushing

* Assists the lymphatic system in removing toxins from the body to promote healthy    and glowing skin.

* Helps to exfoliate dead skin cells; which can improve skin texture and cell renewal.

* Lessens the appearance of cellulite by increasing blood flow and circulation.

* Allows for proper absorption of nutrients by eliminating clogged pores.

Dry skin brushing is probably one of the simplest and cheapest ways of promoting overall health.

I purchased a new Body Detox Skin Brush by Elemis, at Nordstrom last week. It is important to find a dry brush with natural bristles; some can be made from synthetic material, which can be toxic. Elemis uses natural cactus bristles.

Dry skin brushing should be performed once a day. I prefer to do it each morning before my shower. If you are feeling sick, try twice a day to build up your immunity and until you feel better. Begin brushing your skin in long sweeping strokes starting from the bottom of your feet upwards, then from your hands towards your shoulders, and over your stomach area in an upward direction. Always brush towards your heart.

I have the most sensitive skin ever and dry skin brushing doesn’t irritate my skin whatsoever.

Commit to dry brushing for 30 days and be ah-mazed by the results.

It is recommended to wash your dry brush once a week, with hot water and mild soap, to keep it clean and sanitized. Hang dry.

Also, don’t forget to hydrate with a good quality lotion that will nourish the skin afterward. I use Hempz Pomegranate Herbal moisturizer found here.

This lotion is enriched with 100% pure organic hemp seed oil. It smells so yummy! It absorbs well and doesn’t leave a greasy residue on your skin.

Let me know when you start your new dry skin brushing regimen and keep me posted on your results.

Love, LL



livestrong.com: Skin Brushing and Weight Loss


Lately, I’ve been a little obsessed with finding products that are made naturally, without a bunch of chemicals. I have always been a healthy eater, making a conscious effort to choose whole and natural foods. I believe what we put into our bodies reflects the healthiness of our skin. So, it is equally important to be conscious of what products we use on a daily basis. I was so excited to discover a new line of natural nail products called Julep!

 +What makes Julep nail polish so great?

Julep Nail Color is “4-free” and does not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, or DBP. It is a chip resistant formula delivered by a flat brush with micro-frayed brush hairs.

Julep nail polishes come in a sexy, sleek packaging with a long and lean silhouette. You will have absolutely no streaks(!) as all the colors are so creamy and pigmented.

It is essential to let each coat dry a few minutes before the next coat is applied. If not, you will notice the layers will appear “tacky” and not paint on easily. So set aside ample time to get the best out of this amazing nail polish. You won’t be disappointed! My mani will last a full 7 days with Julep.

My favorite part (other than toxin-free aspect) is the company is “founded on the belief that beauty is a connection, not a competition, Julep was created to celebrate the bond between girlfriends and the beauty of the human spirit.” Inspiring, right? Julep also donates a portion of the proceed to organizations that support women.

The color I am wearing is Claire (found here), a creamy sky-blue. I paired it with OPI Metallic 4life (found here) for an added flare.

+What are your favorite colors of Julep?

Have a beautiful day!

Love, LL

The Absolute Must-Have Makeup Organizer!

First things first: GET ORGANIZED! The only way to utilize all your amazing products is to be able to find them.

I became obsessed with the The Clear Cube a few years ago after spotting one (actually two or three) on the countertops in the bathrooms of all the Kardashian sisters. I searched long and hard for one until it the maker was finally revealed.

I have never seen anything like The Clear Cube and it isn’t comparable to any other makeup organizer found in Target, The Container Store, or the like.

The craftsmanship of the Clear Cube is so unique; as it is made with 100% acrylic. The look of the acrylic is so appealing and it allows all your products to be visually seen with ease. This little gem retails for $290 (worth every penny!) plus tax if you are a resident of CA, plus shipping costs. The inserts retail for $9.99 a piece and if you like the look of a top handle, add an additional $2.50.  You can purchase the Clear Cube here.

Here are closeups of the way I’ve organized my Clear Cube. I opted for two different inserts: the grid and the x-insert. All orders are custom made to your liking.

Love, LL